Partnership Methodology

We totally believe in a balanced and fair partnership with our business associates weather local or foreign, and delivering a full business cycle from identifying clients to the final step of PO placement.
The most substantial proof to our partnership conviction is that some of our foreign Partners have chosen Maadi Foreign Trade to be their full representative arm in Egypt for over 30 Years.

What We Do for our Partners

Primarily we identify potential customers for our suppliers/ partners, handle the marketing on their behalf and ultimately obtain orders for their goods and services.

Regularly we also provide after-sales warranty service to customers on our supplier’s behalf

We handle imbursements and disbursements with all banking documentation prior, during and post.

We handle statistical and marketing on the solvency of third parties partners

We receive on behalf of the partners any type of third party claims on the promoted operations, even if they have not been concluded

We lead independent accounting on behalf of our partners

We develop activities in accordance with the reasonable instructions received from the partners, provided they do not affect the customers’ rights

Assist our partners in project feasibility studies

Provide insights on legal environment in Egypt

We handle all fiscal and logistical procedures

We arrange the financial structure of any bidding on their behalf