Our Services

Because we believe that excellent customer service is our number one job, we make sure it is the personality of our company the reason our clients come back, without it there is NO company. The satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of our corporate strategy. Therefore, in addition to a high-quality products we which we make available by means of our high end manufacturers we have a full in house team to handle all your financial technical and logistical issues.

Here is what we offer as our Services

Site Surveys

Installation and Commissioning


Lifetime care Solutions

Training and Seminars

Inspection Solutions

Budget Management

Field Tests

Bearing Damage Analysis

Lubricant Analysis

Modernization, Retrofit & Optimization

Automatization (regulation, protection, controllers, monitoring)

Field Service from Minor to Major Overhauls

Revisions and Maintenance

Workshop and Field Service

Installation of complete turbo sets (new and used)

State-of-the-art sealing systems for turbo compressors

Performance adjustment/increase of power output

By Worner GMBH


Corner Damper

Index Cylinder


Acceleration Unit

Shift Stops